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Who are we

J3 ENTERPRISE is a Computer Expert Ltd located in Jamaica with its head office in Portmore St Catherine. Computer Expert has been in the business for more than eight (8) years with a primary focus on corporate IT solutions. We have implemented solutions for enterprise hardware, software, Digital Signage, Point Of Sales, Cloud Service, mobile software and much more.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are customized and delivered to customers in a world-class manner. Our solutions will enable your business to be up and running within the project timeline, whether it’s a phone solution, point of sales solution, custom software solution, enterprise solution, business process solution or networking solution.

Quality of Services

We are very flexible and dedicated to our task. We provide our services with the guarantee that our customer will experience the best quality of service during project execution, go-live,  post implementation care and talking to our support staff. Our customer service team will ensure all queries are resolved within the Services Level Agreement (SLA) as we seek the highest customer satisfaction. We conduct monthly telephone or email surveys to ensure our products and services maintain the highest quality of performance.

Meet Our Executive Team

Paul Alberts

Head Of Projects

Carina Gray

Finance Director Caribbean

Jermaine Gray

Global Head Of Production Development
I started with J3 Enterprise Solution over 5 years now. For me it the best solution for any retail business, they have the best support you can find today i can ask for any customization to suit my business model and they can provide it.
Rhoan Williams CEO Bob's Supercenter
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